Friday, April 1, 2011

Flash 55 Friday

Five O’clock P.M. Release

Submerged in the quiet

of the humming fans,

the impatient clocks,

the papered dins,

Let go of edicts,

unclutched handles,

passing breaths,

unloosed grins.

The pulse buffets

as the mind expands.

Embodiment molts.

The view spins.

Cued by the respite

from hands and sands,

swaddle the soul

to refill it again.

Drug free,(except for carafes of coffee), and alcohol free, a queer let-down occurs at the end of the day.  Triggered by hypoglycemia, fatigue, solitude from a very public job, or rare isolation, the feeling is heady and disorienting at the same time.  (nursing mothers, think of the "let down" sensation)  I decided to stop fighting it and honor it with a sigh, a nap, a tear, and a poem.
This is a poem in exactly 55 words.  If you write flash-fiction or poetry in 55 words, post on Friday and let your flasher with the fastest 55's know, Mr. Knowitall, HERE


  1. Writing is a great way to work through those feelings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. enjoy your weekend and hope you refill your cup by monday...smiles.

  3. I love anything that swaddles the soul. It was a rough day... can I come to your place?

  4. Very nice flow to the short phrases--short but solid and packed with imagery. Comfort is not a luxury sometimes, it's a necessity.

  5. Fab Di...
    It's always a thrill to have you play.
    You have this edge, very hard to describe.
    But your thoughts and musings are always at a level that others only wish they could attain.
    Loved your 55.
    You always unloose a grin from me.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. Ahhh sweet isolation. Yet the needed dialog with another. The one within is always a good talker.

  7. G-Man says you have an "edge"!!!!

    I heard your voice. It was clear as a bell.

  8. Naps, tears, poems -- three of my favorite releases, and escapes. Especially poems.

    Dianne, I deeply inhale the soft breeze of your words. Thank you.


  9. The discipline of economy and brevity works to excellent effect here, Dianne.