Sunday, September 30, 2012

99% gibbous haiku

Round moon in near pines
as smooth a face as water
washing clean your cheeks

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rainbow House

...Two writing workshops, a retreat in a multi-colored cabin in Big Sur California, and the book The Artist's Way, and this is all I have come up with:

Rainbow House: 

I cannot name for you all the colors I see,

because Mauve
is next to sage
in a velvet pillow
by uncounted bottoms
the Great "Om".

because asparagus green
is covering rough planks
under-painted by a sky-blue
and bleached
by sun and wind and bare feet and hands
in yoga poses
like "downward dog"

because the shadows hold
molded corners
trimmed with lavender
next to seafoam catching
sunrise beams
at just the right angle
under a cloudless

because the water
in the bathtub
is shining across the splashes
of Monet's, Margaret Lofton's,
Don Louis Harrington's
paintings extending

because the orange I loathed
is re-birthed at every turn
in cantaloupe duvets covering
hot pink sheets
raspberry pillows and turquoise

because a door is a window
and a cabinet is a pie cellar
and a window is a ship's hull
and a north wall is a mirror
multiplying the colors
in a corner

because lamps
are gossamer balls
and ceilings are parasols
and corners are 4+2, or 4+4 or
4 plus

because the paint on the wood
is a palate,
in progress
of never the same two colors
over never the same two adjoining
surfaces distinct only
in connection to
the rainbows
in light.