Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ten aren't enough

stop, Stop! Stop the pain!
"Ten fingers and toes",
sigh, watch as he grows.

stop, Stop! Stop the truck!
He hit the lamp post,
for he didn't look back.

stop, Stop! Stop the driver!
He's gone in the twilight
and forgotten his headlights.

stop, Stop! Stop the trip!
He's left home
without his phone.

stop, Stop! Stop for gas!
The tank was low
and he had no cash.

Even if stopped, silent, and still,
our son at the wheel
gives me the chills.

(True story, just because we can count 10 fingers and toes at birth, doesn't mean he'll keep them!)


  1. I think Kay Ryan said it well in: Don't Look Back

  2. I have no envy or pity Dianne. I went through that three times. i am so glad they all made it to their thirties.

  3. my day will come in this...and i imagine it to be all that scary at times for sure...nice capture...

  4. the repetition factor is quite effective; all the best in 2012

    much love...