Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The clouds before the ground

The sun warmed the clouds before the ground.
Inside the diner, the air preserved the
food from the kitchen to the table.
The garlic in the food was spicy on
two plates, one paper, one china.
The calling of the children and
the workers clattered our teeth.
But the sun outside warmed the
clouds before the ground.
Our feet were crossing roads but
words moved us forward.
The houses passed us by but
our lives unfolded.
The sun melted the chocolate in
your eyes for a moment.


  1. smiles...a lovely moment captured...a little spice and a little sweet...in the eyes

  2. What pleasure it is to come and see i have missed so many posts and then catch up on them..they are like sun melted chocolate licked off the wrapper.

  3. I like this one very much. There's a certain hypnotic quality you sometimes find in Wallace Stevens.