Monday, March 15, 2010

Turn Turn Turn

When I turn a phrase,
it turns me on
to turn you around
if you do a good turn.

It turns me red
to turn inside out,
then have you turn your back
in a turn for the worst.

You turn me off
when you take my turn
and turn what I've said
upside down.

I prefer you listen in turn,
turn your key and unlock,
try turning a corner,
or turn over a rock.

I've one turn today,
don't turn white as a sheet!
I can't turn back the clock,
so I'll turn up the heat.


  1. excellent play on words here! and the message is crystal clear.

  2. All that turning makes me dizzy. I'll tun over a new leaf then hide 'neath it to stop all the turning.

  3. Wonderful. Just wonderful. I felt myself turning with each new angle. I loved this piece! Welcome back to your blog! How was Philly? The cheesesteaks as good as you remembered? :)

  4. Love it! This was fun and thought-provoking at the same time.

  5. This one is a lot of fun to follow, and witty. Welcome back! Are you reading Thursday night?

  6. Hi, all. Good to be back. Chris, I will be reading 2 new poems, but not the first featured reader at Poet's Night Out 3rd Thursday. I traded because this March is madness..... I read in May in A-town.