Thursday, February 17, 2011

peel me an onion Friday 55

I’m static, frantic,
magnetic, shielding
shards of heart
with recycled refuse
            (just onion tears)
We’re refusing reclusion
collecting letters
upon utterances
unpeeling splices
           (over onion tears)
Our juices rise
like pungent repellant
solely with olfaction
flavors are favored
          (taste onion tears)
He’s spreading splines
ribs of mine
are tearing free
revealing me
          (in onion tears)

sometimes communication is hard.  sometimes assumptions are easier. sometimes solitude is safer.  but always, always, open honest communication is really living.

This is a poem in exactly 55 words.  To visit the host with the most, Mr. Knowitall, look HERE . Post a Flash Fiction in 55 words exactly on Friday and let him know it all!


  1. Maybe an onion would help break the ice
    a fine teary 55

    hope all is well on your side of the state :)

  2. coild not agree more with your easy to jack up our communication...

  3. I think my tears would be more than onion tears if she had to spread my ribs to get a look inside.

  4. Fab Di...
    Will you PLEASE remember Fridays?
    Your 55 blew me away!
    I don't get very emotional about things but for some reason this really touched me.
    Revealing indeed.
    Thanks for playing, you are missed, have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Peeling away the layers - it sounds painful, but cathartic. There's bravery here.

  6. This really touched me, too. Just excellent.

  7. that is how life is. And you keep on peeling and in the end you reach nothing...But you are so cleansed, that it does not matter by the time you reach the end

  8. I honestly don't think I have ever read a more apt description and depiction of "communication" ever before!! This was BRILLIANT, my friend!
    And the metaphors, fantastic!
    That little onion must be crying his layers off on read this one.. :)

  9. there's a lot to be had in any onion
    a lot of layers
    and a lot of ways to go wrong

    a lot of ways to go right too, i suppose