Monday, March 28, 2011

Lost Spring



in loam

of tiny green



of linen

hung in clouds…


of light


near sight...

Recall a lust

held in trust.

Winter lingers, a liar

to a Spring of

Saint Elmo’s fire.

I have a sense of alienation this Spring, as though nothing will ever be the same.  Winter is lingering much longer than usual in central California, with rainstorms reminiscent of the Pacific northwest. This shot was from our usually barren front acre, during a freak hailstorm last month.  It was followed by an even rarer snowstorm the following week, tricking the flowers and trees to retreat into dormancy even longer.


  1. No snow here for the moment but we have been hit with single digit temps. I think there may actually be something to this climate change thing going on.

  2. I feel your alienation. We got bombarded with 8" of snow after all the snow and ice had retreated and the temps have been well below seasonal. It looks (and feels) like January. I can't help thinking that Spring will suddenly get very upset and take charge again!

  3. the photo is amazing, such a vivid symbol of archetypal contraries...
    and the poem mirrors it perfectly, i so loved "Sheets

    of linen

    hung in clouds"

    hugs and hang in there, in clouds or poem words :-)