Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Toes = Wordless Weds in Philly

In my muse's absence, I revert to my version of Wordless Wednesday: Tuesday Toes. 

Where have YOUR toes been?

Today I actually have a gift from my travels to Philadelphia.  I thought of my friends in blogland as I snapped this shot outside the Sheraton Hotel downtown. Of course the highlights of the trip: friends, the Rodin sculptures, and Hand Surgery/Rehabilitation Symposium.  (this was street art, emerging from the sidewalk and walls like the "Gates of Hell")

Toe photography began when early travels took me to New York.  I was newly married, headed for a college buddy's wedding in New Jersey.  I had not traveled out of California. Tired of the familiar profile shot for perspective in the forground, my buddy Kim and I began to shoot my foot with famous landmarks.  So what next?  Sisterhood of the traveling feet?


  1. nice...sounds like a great trip...watch those toes that they dont get grabbed by that hand...

  2. Be still...Fluttering heart
    Classic Double Entendre
    ART...On top of Art!

  3. Did you give the liberty bell a bit of a toe slam?

  4. So much fun, you really should submit something to toemail :)

  5. Toetally digital!

    Smiles! _m

    (*) () () () ()