Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sea-ing You

Waves retreat, darkly deep, 
drawing me in, like eyes, 
beyond foam green 
beyond blue light
beyond churning life.

Silky soft voices
susurrant highs, like gulls,
blending undertones,
like resonating
waters turning sand.

like rocking in cradling arms
or like hands reaching forth,
as recurring rows
of white, line upon line. 

is a wave crashing gasp
of requisite awe.
Momentarily, a touch of an ocean
is enough.

Dianne Gross-Giese, 1-2010/7-2011
Briefly back to blogging, after a grueling work schedule, wrestling with the economic downturn.  A forced vacation after appendectomy had awakened my muses.


  1. wish i could have a touch of that ocean, i miss hearing its voice...glad your muse woke up...and ack on the appedectomy...hope it all went well..

  2. Your Muse is indeed back.
    Missed you Di, especially on Tuesday!