Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time out of mind

Slam the car door, leave the house behind.
Leave the job filled with injured limbs.
Double and triple check
the odometer gauge and the second hands.

Push a safe pace through the fog,
to breach the clear coastal sky,
to bona fide, heart-pounding evidence:
I breathe, I have arrived.

I’ll hike a new trail, void of ravens,
under heavens, immensely blue.
Time out, silent with herons:
my sanctified time with the truth.

The glorious green and the changing wind
brought anew, the smell of the sea.
But I’ll give them away, to you this time,
today, it’s too much for me.

For when angels ride the skies
to uplift and give you peace,
they’ll show you heaven on earth, 
and pull you out of your shoes in pieces.

I’m falling down, just looking around.
I must be out of my mind.
Every step feels like I’m rushing in,
and I do fear what I’ll find.

I need a time-out
just for the day,
but it’s never out of my mind:
Time’s too short for all I want,
and I don’t know what I’ll find.

(This is an old poem, resurfacing for me as a priority.  I have a new goal, serious exploration of meditation.  Anyone know of  an authentic class near Central California?

Mind over matter. Inner Peace. Oneness with the Universal source of Love. Whatever you want to call it.....

what brings you peace?....)


  1. Oooooh, you've already framed in a large part of what brings me peace... the outdoors. One of my dearest friends pointed out to me the (obvious) fact that my only home is the mountains. I'm always caught in between worlds, just waiting for the moments when I can return to where I belong.

    In truth, the only peace that exists for me is what I bring with me. Even exploring the most beautiful, scenic spaces is empty and hollow if I am not centered, quiet in spirit and wide Awake.

    Beautiful, beautiful words you've shared here.

  2. nice...hope you find the class...i could use a time out as well...

  3. "For when angels ride the skies
    to uplift and give you peace,
    they’ll show you heaven on earth,
    and pull you out of your shoes in pieces." - how gorgeous, Dianne.

    I hope you find that inner peace. I live in Canada, so I'm sorry I can't be of any help.

    I find the most peace when I'm out in nature. It never fails to soothe and center me.

  4. I know where there's an excellent meditation period, guided beautifully by a good teacher, on Saturdays in the little town a few miles south of you. It's free, if she's still leading it, Saturdays at 1:30. Call me.

  5. Meditation is a wondrous ting - I hope you find your class...