Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Too Kind

Which imposing
idiot idol said
"Love is kind?"

-when love is turned
into a raging joke,
and one to
"never mind"?

Which imposing
idiot idol said
"Love is blind?"

-when a mother sees
her "babe", no longer
nor will he let on,
nor turn to hug her?

Are a mother's
arms on the wane,
if young shoulders
broaden to a man?

Are a mother's
songs too queer
for his tuned,
sophisticated ear?

Are a mother's
teats too hard
to be a spouse,
to be a bard?

Are a mother's
hands too weak
to thrust her teen
to the passenger seat?

Are a mother's
eyes too blind
to love even when
they're closed,
in kind?


  1. "Beat your children well" Wasn't that a lyric by CSN?

  2. an interesting verse....i would wonder what happened to cause love to wane that way...because i do hold out hope that it can be recovered...

  3. this is so good. so simple and brutal and telling tearing truths and asking tearing questions. warrior poem, yet the tenderness underneath makes my heart ache.