Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wordless Weds. = Tuesday toes in Monache Wilderness

south fork of Kern River, after 700+ feet climb backpacking

clean at last, from Monache Meadow to 8800 feet

from tentsite sunset approaches, Golden Trout await


blistered, don't hike in new boots, our biologist demonstrated....


  1. your feet have the most amazing advenures...beautiful country...

  2. Those are some very happy feet! (blisters and all)

    Love the view...

  3. If I once dared to dip my soles and toes in a mountain puddle as you do in your photo every female mosquito in the neighbourhood would drill me for my blood which the professor tells me must be sweet. So I drink beer which he says contains vitamin B which mosquitoes don't like, but still I can't get away with it. I have to keep my boots on and my trousers and sleeves rolled down. Never mind. It's a small price to pay for the great outdoors. Let's keep it great. Let's keep it outdoors.