Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wordless Weds. = Tuesday toes in Calif.

Wordless Wednesday (not so wordless!):    For the Salinans, no name for their own people exists. We live in the nameless lands of mysterious native peoples, now extinct. From the valley of bears, to the cerros of volcanoes, the Cholame creek of steelhead trout, to dragon lakes, and the seco rivers forming man-made lakes.
"Yokuts":   is all we are told…..

east or west, waterskier or swimmer, 85 degrees is unusually cool for August
What will we be named….?

(Tuesday Toes is my version
of travelog, beginning
during a trip
to New York City in 1993......
foot in foreground photos,
instead of the friend's
framed in foreground. 
Feel free to send posts
of your own
of the Traveling Toes)


  1. Next to Friday...
    My favorite day of the week!
    You Rock Fab Di.....Thanks

  2. I really like these photos. Hope I'm not missing the point. I think they are true "back to nature" because they show the limb which carries us humans quite literally over the Earth and also propels us through water when we swim, and it shows this against the beautiful backdrop of the Earth itself. Inspired!

  3. nice. your toes sure get around...smiles.

  4. Forget Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I'm feeling the traveling toes. *smiles* Happy WW!

    Wordless Wednesday: Meet Me At The Corner Of...

  5. I'm toeing you I kneed to see more leg.

  6. what will we be named?
    so do you care,
    and if it reflects on you, today, do we have a name?

    I think it matters.

    take the 1000 year old tribal approach. community counts

  7. it matters!

    (funny and deep travelog idea, i am taken with it :-) i have my own travelog with a similar approach, but with reflections of my feet in different mirrors and windows. i've just never posted it)

  8. ...valley of bears...dragon lakes...and such nice toes.. ;o)
    like the question at the end ...what will we be named?

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