Sunday, February 7, 2010

Simple Things Challenge

A simple note

I will share one simple thing tonight.
One thing that makes my world right,
one thing less
than the rest,
which soothes the beast.

When you sit in a car willing motion with tension
as minutes roll creeping along,
driving your feet into the floor
too uptight to be bored,
listen to music, or sing a song.

“Let me hear a ‘concert F’”, the band’s instructor said.
A single note, simple enough, I thought in my head.
First, five tubas ‘boomed’.
The students followed, each in turn,
with separate, and sharp complexity,
each scaling multi-directionally.

I held my breath to capture that sound
unlike any mere words can relay,
in a room full of chairs
up high on the stairs
alone and unseen and astounded.

It’s like standing in a rushing wind
which blocks out all of your senses,
feeling your features
wash off your face,
and leaving you bare with grace.

Fellow writer at Enchanted Oak has made a challenge, for every post written on Simple Things, and sent to her site, her family will donate 2.00$ to Haiti relief.  Find her HERE and let her know.  This is my contribution.


  1. it leave you bare with a sense of write so wonderfully....

  2. Oh, dear Dianne! This is something very special. I've only had three poems in 104 comments, and this one, it takes the cake. What a powerful piece! I can hear that one note, all those instruments at once, blow through me. Awesome poem. Thank you for being part of my poetic life, my friend.

  3. The complex structure of simplicity.

  4. "One thing that makes my world right,"
    Little things certainly mean a lot; thanks for sharing your beautiful write

  5. a wonderful tribute to a wonderful cause... a veritable symphony of sound and senses...

    nicely done!

  6. Complex simplicity. That is a startling thought.

  7. Wonderful way to capture the intricacies of something so simple. Beautifully done.


  8. Yes, wonderfully written, Dianne :)


  9. Nicely done--there really isn't anything like a live band is there?