Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Toes

(aka:  the equivalent of wordless weds at Element 22)

the wildflowers are starting in California already, in the......
uh huh, foothills.

(for someone who travels very little, I started using my foot in the foreground of standard sightseeing shots, instead of the boring Mona Lisa head shot.) 

this photo is courtesy of Sara McGuire, firefighter, skiier, fantastic cook, and nurse-to-be-extraordinaire.


  1. Great shot. So many things come to the mind from its profound imagery. Picture tells more than a thousand words as well as providing inspiration for writing photographic poems.

  2. So you're playing footsie with the poppies, eh?

  3. Yep, California's Gold.
    If you want to see the best display of the central coast's wildflowers, look up Shell Creek Road California, images of dense color.

  4. Awww... I was just accidentally funny, just this once, honest.

    I like the toes. It's my daughter's nickname, actually. Started out as "Tiny Toes" and was abbreviated when her feet outgrew my shoes.

  5. nice...my feet take me many places...lol.