Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chimera lost, adventure won

A finite line:
finding time.

Timeless climbs
where lessons chime.

Chimera met
as merely a fret.

Fires lit
as youths sit.

Skits read,
once hunger fed.

Freed stars,
asleep in snores,

To swim with snakes
in ice cold lakes.

Like it or not:
rashes? bites? hot?

Not lost, what a find,
on a finite line.

Photo: Santa Lucia Trail, Ca.  Backpacking with young boyscouts last weekend, an adventure!


  1. I used to be a cub scout den dad. In the third one, why not "youths" or maybe even "boys." If you want to stay with "youth," the verb should be "sits."

  2. i'll walk that finite line...nicely done....good to see you again...

  3. Thank you, I have been away for awhile. No time, considering.
    Bill, I ALWAYS listen to your feedback. This post was in haste, I changed two lines. your suggestion, and the line freed stars....

    (write what you know, is all I know) and I am so glad it rang true with you two.
    Keep writing

  4. This is so evocative of those youthful outings. Nice job - the fine line.

  5. Fabulous Dianne
    You know what I want from you.
    Friday Fifty-Five

    Love your beautiful Pic...G

  6. loved it,
    your writing is amazing1