Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday 160 Genetic Galactic Genesis

In the beginning

The Word

& 60 beats.

Let there be light

big bang, blink.


dividing the waters

& mother’s face

from self.

Let land appear

& milkflow

from Pangea.

To find your place in the genesis of the universe, watch this from the Hubble Deep Field Telescope, and keep asking questions about our small blue planet. The 9th photo from the top is from a blank patch of sky, after focusing for almost 2 weeks. Billions of galaxies like ours, in one little patch of photography. (photo: Google images)


  1. always good to visit the old neighborhood.

    That's a very good poem, Dianne.

  2. I love this kind of stuff. I will check out your link for sure. Thanks for playing and have a solid Sunday.

  3. I really liked this. The pictures are amazing, and your words narrate well. This part:
    "Firmament - dividing the waters - & mother’s face - from self" makes us one with Nature. Beautiful.

  4. is it just me or does that first piv look like an insect. smiles. nice 160...and perhaps that is how it was...

  5. actually i'd love to concentrate on the amazing pictures but i am too taken with your poem, i love the rapid flow, the condensed images (that's a gift i have always admired in you) - and the surprising turns, the touch of humour.

  6. OMG this title is pure deliciousness! I've been considering joining in on the 160 fun. What are the rules? Your writing as always is a joy to read!

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    Theme Thursday: Camera

  7. Hi Dianne, Thanks again for reading The Short Circuit. By the way, re your hiking post, I also went with my dad into the mountains when I was a small boy (in Snowdonia, Wales, it was) and I'm always grateful to my parents for encouraging me in active outdoor pursuits. I'm 60+ and can run up or around an Alp or two. It is not for nothing that we have long legs ;)