Friday, June 18, 2010

You've Got Me Rising

Pat me, press me
Rollin’ out like dough

poke me, twist me
warmin’ nice and slow

toast me, baste me
restin’ when you’re done

spreadin' like butter
or eaten golden brown

It don’t matter
if it's yeast or soda,

in your hands is best
and I’ll do all the rest…

Now you’ve got me risin’

(I've always had a fascination with song lyrics, so this is my parody on  the blues tune "Rock me baby")  nothing new here....


  1. Hey, you are a real "slice of good bread"! Nice "55"...I copied it out to send "to a friend"....
    Oh! Oh!

  2. umm...i dont know if i should be hungry or excited...smiles. a cool rhythm to this one...

  3. Are we talkin bread?
    There is something a bit naughty about you Di.
    You make me smile..
    Excellent 55 My Dear...
    Thanks for answering the call today...You Rock!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  4. Dianne, you made me viciously hungry for a piece of toast slathered with melted butter. You got me risin' out of my seat to get such a mouth-watering blessing. Great 55!

  5. Hum a few bars and I'll fake it.

  6. wonderful!! I am resisting the urge to open up the breadbox as I write--great 55!