Thursday, June 24, 2010

In a breath of time

In a fog out of a fire

Circular myopic un-centeredness

Repeating recycling reminiscing rehearsing

Gazing blocked by a gauze veil.

Blurred vision in a smoky haze,

Only seeing my navel and toes.

How beautiful life is

Safely in myself with hindsight.

What if, what about, when again, who will know?

Nowhere, nobody, no-how, nothing.

Tangible life goes on in spite

Answering nothing, answering all.

In my wandering spiral web

Clarity comes when a veil is lifted,

Unannounced, unbidden, unaware until

Instantaneous awareness, and vision’s rippped open.

All is detail, all is color, all is texture, all is thine

None is here, none is permanent, none is mine, all is divine.

Variation and contrast, translucence and iridescence

Outside, over there, otherness, horizonless,

Seeing the soul in a breath of time.

photo: HG Giese


  1. a wonderful verse...and very timely as i head to the mountains today to refresh and see...

  2. mmmm, yes, the answers come when we stop trying to control the outcome and just let the thoughts flow...

  3. beautiful writing, it is refreshing to be here.

  4. Jeeezuz Di....
    You are simply terrific.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...Galen

  5. I really appreciate this poem and mystic expression. It is, as all good mystic poetry should be, experiental.
    "How beautiful life is
    Safely in myself with hindight..."
    a wonderful two lines, spot on writing.