Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Toes: Puerto Vallarta

In preparation for a recent trip to Puerto Vallarta with “the girls”,  my friend Kim painted her toenails caution cone orange.  The rest is pretty clear......

The answer to the riddle on Sunday's Poetry Bus Challenge:  "The Trick" is a Chinese Finger Trap.  (-or a relationship counselor, if you have ever needed one, you'll know what I mean.....)  Some of you got it, weave was the clue.  


  1. Yeah... that's definitely orange alright! Won't miss her coming in the dark that's for sure.

  2. wow. bright toes...hard to miss those...and a cold drink sounds nice..smiles.

  3. *SNIFF*
    You are so good to me Fab Di...

    (Thank You)