Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Toes

So, here goes.....if it's Tuesday, it MUST be Toes.


Since I can't blog everyday, as many of you creative writers do,  I am reduced to posting a piece of my life with simple digital photography.  

I have very limited experience traveling.  At the age of 23, I went on my first trip to New York city. I wanted to record my experience artistically.  Using the same portrait frame of my companion Kim in every shot, however, made for a very boring forground perspective.  (nothing personal, Kim, you're beautiful!) Thus, Toes across America, or wherever I happened to travel, ensued.  Trump Building: Toes.  Central Park: Toes.   Statue of Liberty: Toes.  Seattle Space Needle: Toes.  Eventually, Kim sent photos anonymously in the mail to announce her return to NYC, with the Statue of Liberty, and....yes:  her toes.


  1. It's not the quantity, it's the quality. You've got quality in spades. Also, Toes are awesome.


  2. ah, but we love seeing where your toes will end up next. smiles.

  3. I can take a hint hehehehe....
    You Are Fabulous...G

  4. Hello Dianne,
    I couldn't find the date you gave me for your post, so I'm not sure which one you mean, but anyway I'm a sucker for space pictures - they all knock me out!
    By the way, if you want to send 'The Ghostspell of Holy Kelvin' into the bardic blogverse or anywhere else then please do. It may have universal appeal as well as an exponential quality. I'll be intrigued to see what happens. I've never been selected for such an adventure before, but I hold my nose, close my eyes and bravely jump in with you at the deep end. We may make a small splash!
    All the bardic best,

  5. what a cool idea for a series of photos!

  6. I agree with Brian - we are curious where your toes will end up next..smiles

  7. T.D. Ingram
    Thank you for your comment on the snails trails
    haiku on A Handful of Stones - today 07-14-10

  8. Leaving this up for my viewing pleasure...?
    Or just plain uninspired?

  9. In preparation for a recent trip to Puerto Vallarta with “the girls” I painted my toenails caution cone orange. My friend started taking pictures of my toes, everywhere, doing all kinds of crazy things. She assured me she didn’t have a foot fetish nor was it the margueritas. After Mexico, I took my caution cone toes to a birthday party set in a beautiful garden. The only pictures taken were of pedicured toes in a circle and holding wine glasses. What is happening? Is it fetishes, alcohol fixations or is it something about my toes?