Thursday, September 16, 2010

55 Flash Fiction Friday: "Buck Off"

Head shaking
side to side,

catching the breeze
in his mane,

bowing forward,
tossing back

the watching world.

Sidling away
into a wild wind

riderless, herdless,

A stallion forms
as nostrils flare,

whose foot stomped
the challenge first?

and stubborn,

read his posture,
muscle tone and gaze:

to avoid being
"bucked off".

(photo by H.G. Giese.  Friday 55 Flash Fiction is hosted by G-Man HERE . Write a short story or poem in exactly 55 words, post for Friday, and let Mr Knowitall know it.


  1. Hey, this is my 144th post! One gross of poems, give or take. (I did take some out)

  2. Fab Di...?
    Lots of wild life going on around here..
    An Early Bird about a Wild Horse...
    Loved your 55!!
    Thanks for playing today, You Rock The Golden State Baby!
    have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  3. Well done! And, congratulations on 144!

  4. you are the first 55 i have seen...putting me to shame as i still have to write one...nicely done...cling tight...bucking kinda hurts...smiles.

  5. Ohhhhh... I LIKE this one! The rhythm and meter are like the staccato sound of hoofbeats. You roped us a good one, Diane!

  6. The rhythm and imagery work so well here. I like the photo too. Great 55. Happy Friday!

  7. i always like your poems, boasting with nature and the great pics that accompany them..great 55

  8. That's a horse who is hearing the call of the wild. hang on tight, he may take you along for the ride.

  9. I can feel the heat of its breath and see the sweat on its coat. You paint a great phicture here, D.

  10. I could almost feel myself on one of the mechanical beasts that stomped and roared as I tried to keep them to a reasonable speed and them always wanting more.

  11. Love this 55, especially the title :)

  12. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments.
    What I am learning from this written work, is to provide more context and less metaphor.
    The topic listing is teenagers and motherhood.
    The whole post is all true, but no horse at all... teen son's long mane, his break away, challenge, and "f-bomb" attitude...never spoken, never a follower, never to be 'broken' or tamed.

    "(b)-uck off, mom"

  13. i was baffled a bit about your tag: teenagers, motherhood, and then i understood and smiled - but it is a great idea to use the 'horse' analogy, i loved it! and even if we only think about 'horses', it's still a great poem, it is after all about young impetuousness, isn't it?

  14. Dianne, I really felt it...the words came alive. I wish my mom was alive..she was an avid horse woman, she would have loved it too. See you at church. john david