Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am not a writer

I am alexic,
a nonscribe.

A left-brain damaged,
aphasic communicator.

A bardless

a paper-pauper.

An un-handy

-perhaps I may earn a liberal arts degree online, and then call myself a "writer".  I just participated in a phenomenal 1 & 1/2 day workshop at a community college.  Kevin Clark, a Calif. Polytech. Univ. San Luis Obispo poetry professor, bowled me over.

How many of you call yourselves "poet"?


  1. I call myself a poet because I am a poet. Why do you ask Dianne?

  2. nice. i like that...humility, right? i have been known to but it took a while before i would...

  3. Mark and Brian,
    I have met seasoned writers of poems who do not call themselves poets. Perhaps they are traditionalists who consider publication of their poems a requisite.
    I have met highly verbal and creative speakers who breathe poetry and live poetic lives.

    When time and resources do not allow for creative writing and thinking, I confuse my episodic inability to write with lacking skill for the craft and talent for the art. And still, to be a poet is what I am whether writing or not, now.

    I call you both poets.

  4. I feel it in my but would never dare to use the word. I live it, as you say, but deny titles of all sorts. Titles give me the heebeejeebees.

    This was phenomenal writing.


  5. That my words may call out to others is more important to me than what I call myself (usually I call myself 'Ti').

    Your words call out to me... and that is a beautiful thing.

  6. I call myself a poet when I write poetry. A story teller when I pen a tale. A romantic when I leave a note on my wife's pillow. Whatever the label, I use it as the situation arises. Now I am simply a commentor.

    Great 55.

  7. I'M a Burly Biker Dude!!

    That writes Micro Fiction, and likes limericks and Haiku.

    Excellent 55 Fab Di...

    You Rock The Left Coast baby.

    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  8. A late comment:

    I am a musician, and can--even humbly--say that. I am an alcoholic (who does not drink!). I am one of God's kids (even though age 77!).

    Other than those, anything more is a bonus for me,
    unlabeled, with no expectations, great or otherwise.

    YOUR writings speak to me, and to whoever reads as well, and let me realize once more--that we ARE all connected, in a marvelous way!

    Thank you for being one of all of us--a very special one!

  9. I am connected, and it is sooo amazing that this wide but tiny world of our blogspace can do that.
    We have created something poetic here in the ether. Thank you Steveroni

  10. It's took me a while to get to the point where I did call myself poet ('so what do you do..?') but of late I feel myself backing off from it again (the word anyway). Never have liked being hemmed in, mind!

  11. I have been a creative person with things and words since I was old enough to...
    Why is that? because my mother an extremely gifted artist exudes a free and creative spirit. She taught me that we all are creative some are told they are not and they suffer from that barrier their entire lives.

    prideful man will hold most of us back from ever experimenting - not wanting to share.
    I sold my first pice of art at 12 - that did not make me an artist - art was already in my heart
    My first story and subsequent poems published as a youth made me not a writer. Words flow from my fingertips undaunted by man's creeds.

    You my dear are a creator of words - a degree may make you a boxed in creator. Live free with word - relish each moment you are inspired and thrive.

    Now that was a rant

    Love from the Moon