Thursday, September 2, 2010

55 Friday Flash; war


me to dance.

Ask me tonight,

or else.

If I ask you,

will you stay all night?

Will you ease the darkness

of my fight?

(I must fight
this one alone,

in a war I cannot

hold my own.)

You can dance.

I’m shot down.

IF a wheelchair

brings me home,

cancer’s war


(This is a tough week for a 30 year old and his family.  Activities of daily life as a paraplegic are no longer the only options, each day of life is the option, with the third diagnosis in three months of an aggressive cancer.)


  1. love the poem and I 'll say a prayer for him.
    Bonnie and Clyde

  2. It is an alley fight if it is fought alone. No war is ever fought alone, no warrior is unwilling to have allies with him. If there is yet breath there is yet hope and if it time for this young one to go may he choose to go in peace and surrounded by both the living he is leaving and them that have gone before him.

  3. Too many battles have to be fought in this war - It's time the universe called a truce.

  4. oh man sorry to hear about the fam...cancer sucks....

  5. What a Bummer!
    Loved your 55, filled with meaning, and pathos!
    You a write a story Damn Well Fab Di...
    Thanks for playing today.
    Have a Kick Ass Holiday Week-End...G

  6. this is not an easy battle to fight - sorry to hear about this - hope he will win this war

  7. A very touching 55, Dianne. I wish everyone luck in their battles.

  8. This is so sad. Things like this are so horrible at any age, but when they strike one so young, it is particularly heart-wrenching.

  9. I am so sorry that anyone has to fight this battle. Hearbreaking 55. I hope he continues to win every battle he's in.

  10. As a cancer survivor, my best thoughts are with you and your loved ones.

  11. As I witness the slow fade of a 32 and 56 year old fighting this same battle, my thoughts are with you. Be gentle with yourself.

  12. A bittersweet 55er. We all have our burdens to bare, too sad that some have such a heavy load. Prayers, light and blessings


  13. My prayers will always accompany you. God bless.

  14. Blessings!!!prayers that hope remains and kindness ensues; much love

  15. wow, very inspiring and thought provoking.

  16. I agree about the truce - with all the developments in the 20th Century we are still poisoning and practically killing people to possibly save them.

    What a 55 Diane

    Moon hugs