Sunday, January 30, 2011

endover epitaph

How do we roll over?
Is this the end?
Is it over?

How to say it all
Nathan Woodsin one day:
in the darkness
where we only feign sleep

How the coffee tastes
better before
they get up

How cold, her egg
his cereal
their bagels

How the words choked off:
Please look over the choices
keeping us safe

How the rain on the car
or the sun on the walk
seemed unending

How the motocross racer
with the most wins, passed,
rolling end-overs


In honor of those who truly take risks, do their best, fight the odds to win, and love their careers, families and friends. 
In honor of Nathan Woods, who died this week in a practice jump before the World Off Road Championship Series in Calif.  He won the WORCS twice, over all other riders. He wore the tatoo of a photograph of his infant son's face on his forearm. His wife and two young sons are in my prayers. Photo: courtesy of google


  1. risks indeed. but they are born out of passion, i suppose......

  2. Both the sun and the rain have an end. Woods was fortunate in one regard he found his end doing what he says he was born to do and not many can make that claim with a straight face.

  3. So very sad to end a life so young and to leave a family behind.

    But I can't help thinking it's better to live a full life - even if it turns into a short one...