Thursday, January 20, 2011


How long does it take to find a path to travel?

1) Pick a destination: forward.

2) Obtain a roadmap: experiences vs. unknowns.

3) Choose routes: 70 mph?, Yosemite and Grand Canyon?, visits to kindergarten buddy and sisters?, downhill and straight highways?, rocky, wet, overgrown, unmaintained? known roads and pre-mapped courses?

4) Organize gear: money, map, car, bike, foot, phone, bedding, food, water, friend.

5) Take action: take a step.

…….. 1)  Choose a Destination:

Photo: J.T.Giese


  1. Oh, I wish I were anticipating a trip. Would be lovely...

  2. heading out tomorrow evening for a weekend with my wife...

  3. Piles of stones are flourishing all over blogland - am I missing something? The picture is peautiful, by the way, thank you! :)

  4. I surely will do that sometime! Thanks for the advice ;)

  5. way to go! i wanna go to venice........

  6. 1) pick a destination and wander aimlessly without plan until you get there. Thanks for reminding me.

  7. Dear one, are you out beating the bush? Your journey didn't include our poetry reading night. You were silent and missed.
    The persimmon poem was so delicious, and I am jealous of that tree. Such a pretty thing to see in winter.
    The patients poem is exquisite.
    You're thought of.

  8. Very well posed, Dianne!

    ... sometimes, simply taking 'a first step' into and toward that unknown, (though perhaps containing certain hazards of which to be aware) can be a most rewarding journey!

    first steps
    into yesterday's darkness


  9. We may travel along a path, but until the mind sets upon that, we will never find the path.

  10. That last line is good. Strong. It's a command. I unthinkingly obeyed. It just popped into my head. And it was Liverpool.
    "Hello mum."