Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just a Cat

For now, just think of me
as your cat.
I’ve always wanted
to be a cat:
sleeping all day, fiercely independent,
climbing trees or curling up
in a drooling frenzy
of oblivion in your lap.

Think not,
that we'd paid the bills,
nor of the questions
we might ask of tomorrow,
upon waking with eyes wide open.

Deny the averted smile,
the downward gaze,
the deep sigh
so easily shielded by our arms.

Tonight for this moment,
just think of me as your cat,

full of rumbling affirmations,
shedding softness and warmth,
grinning behind Cheshire whiskers
for you alone.


  1. And cats are not particular, the you alone becoming whoever it is who wishes to be present. And it is that, being present, in being a cat, accepting, being in now.

    Nicely put together. I hope you had your moment.


  2. smiles. nice cat thinks she is the mother of my kids...going to check on them before bed at night...

  3. oh yes, that's a good state to be in every now and again.

  4. I liked the matter-of-factness that you gave to it. It was just the right voice.

  5. I trade for you curled up in my lap my stupid as a rock 50 pound puppy who always thinks she fits there. GAH!

    You did capture rhythm here Dianne. I liked this piece though generally speaking "cat people" are a little twisted, off kilter. You're OK.

  6. Erin, you personify those qualities in your writing I feel.
    Brian, cats think we are cats too.
    Shadow, so good to hear from you, you are everywhere all at once.
    Dave, I am honored, your writing teaches me!
    Mark, I am also a dog person, black lab-sock eating trying to sleep at my feet like a cat..HA

  7. this is lovely, just right, purr-fect in fact...

  8. I'm sorry I feel like I haven't been here for weeks.

    I love the picture it is a perfect fit for those words - that look says it all

    I would love to curl up at times and purr

  9. What a beast. A Cheshire Cat if ever there was one :)