Monday, January 3, 2011

out of darkness into light

Before the dawn,
the land is void
shifting between chasm
and cliff face.

From undifferentiated darkness
a vaporlit film forms
in the vanishing points:
sourceless, pervasive.

Sensing massiveness
onyx edges
cut the firmament.

Moving through emerging
valleys, vales and voids:
envisioning indefinite shapes
into illuminated forms.

Hills metamorphosis
into volumes
to touch
and circumscribe.

The pearling vault
extrudes green from
below transposing
illusions of black.

cheeky clouds
blush to barely touch
the unrevealed sun.

Facing the evanescent
blooming dawn
gives the most brilliant
gift of sight.

(another take on the theme, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Thankful for a new dawn and the drive to see it in its entirety. Never give in to the darkness.  Let the light change your view.)


  1. nice...i like your take on it...coming out of a depp shadow myself right now...

  2. What gorgeous photos, Eric, and beautiful poem.

    Yes, without the dark there can be no light...

  3. Gosh, but I shouldn't write comments when I'm tired, but I enjoyed this so much and then I thought I was in Eric's blog and, oh boy, is my face red!

  4. I am grateful for the responses. I have not had much time to comment. I am flattered, Talon if you mean Eric Alder, who is a wonderful poet an Haiku master. Keep following, I will get time to read your work and comment in the future, just not right now.

  5. you are so in touch with nature, beautiful writing!

  6. Unversed this would be a very good opening to a novel length work which could go down any road.

    Be Well