Tuesday, December 28, 2010

they never saw it.

She never saw how big his nose was……
she was longing for his lips.

She never saw how he talked at people….
she was listening to his brilliance.

She never saw how he kept his hands to himself….
She was watching how skillfully he could build with them.

She never saw how he grew tired of waiting …..
She was keeping up with his skis.

She never saw how he turned his tongue to attack…..
She was looking for his sense of humor.

She never saw how he hoarded his time….
She was admiring his independent spirit.

SheI never saw how his heart wandered……
She was watching for his eyes.

She never saw how his decision was made….
She was alone.


  1. Fab-Di....
    One of your many moments of brilliance.
    Have a Happy New Year....G

  2. Like they say, love is blind.

    DEFINITION: the color at the bottom of a cup of cheer

  3. ouch...it ends rather sad...beautifully done though...i like the contrasting statements and the form...

  4. Amazing how we see what we want to see. You really didn't see it, though, did you? You were looking for it...

  5. The narrators subject never saw they were alone while they were longing listening admiring. Man some people just keep those sunglasses on to long.