Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For Dec 8th

death of suffering
enlightenment renewal
bodhi re-birthday

Dec 8th is the celebration of the day of enlightenment of Buddha.  Happy Bodhi day coming up to Buddhists out there.
In this picture is a huge black sea lion, and a tiny young white one.  My 16 year old son took his two friends and I on a grueling hike 4 miles up the canyon above this coastline. (see "Take Me", last post).  At 50, I found for the first time my knee failing me on the way down.....
hopefully just a wake up call to build up to this by staying in shape.

photo: P. Spaulding


  1. oh yeah hope it is just a wake up call...ack. nice view...

  2. Your shoes are not untied.......