Thursday, December 16, 2010

tear down the veils

Wish I had a time machine

Turn around and you’d be gone
Before I saw you through the curtains
Surrounding my life, shading my soul.

When I sink down in the fog
Blindness dogs me with it's veils.
Buried in my opulence,
It’s simply Clarity I crave.

I’d lost my mojo, further gone
More than you’ll ever know.
I know exactly when I found It,
Borrowed from a friend’s soul.
Boys are cute and men are strong
But seasoned souls have lived the song
What I’m seeing, never before
The colors are clearer without the veils

When they return I fight and moan
I writhe and run to arms or home,
To open expression of honesty and love
To find my way to the Clarity I crave.

It’s a Rent, a rent in the veil
You’ve torn a Rent in my veil

I posted this older poem before, but I've cleaned it up for the general public.  I'm dedicating it to the counselor I'm seeing for the first time today.  Today is a good day, one step on the path.......


  1. Good for you - the first step is the hardest one.

    (Even a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step)

  2. one stap at a time...may the veil fall away...

  3. Buried in my opulence,
    It’s simply Clarity I crave.

    You are singing my song, Dianne. It's hard to see past the opulence of ourselves, isn't it? Sometimes. sometimes.

    Good luck with your new relationship. Ya, that is what it is:)


  4. What a beautiufl poem. The last two lines...they tear a rent in my heart. Very personal and thank you for sharing...

    Wishing you all the clarity and peace of mind that you seek, Dianne...