Sunday, December 5, 2010

Take Me

Take me to
the ocean's side,
primeval rain,

beside the surf
above cove's curving
rocky shelter of
egret and seal,

below the source
of vapor's veil,
to life upon
the misty trail,

past rivermouth,
to the source
of springs,
climb among the creeks,

beneath the peaks
of wind and rain,
where clouds still
covet the ravines,

past dessicated-white
coyote scat,
over slashed
shale shard and quartz,

pine and redwood
form paths and beds,
with yellow bay leaves
and banana slugs, 

upon which sycamore's
phosphorous furnace
illuminates the sun's
chlorophill catalysts.

Take me to
the mountainside
to face life's struggles
with sweat and pride.


  1. One has to arrive at the side of the mountain ere they ever get to its peak.

  2. yes, i need to go to the mountain side...