Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday 160: rain heals (revised)

Hellish tears
shudderingly shed
spill over, damned
out my head

cleansing hands
of fear and dread
depressurize deepest
longings abed

to loving

This is a poem in exactly 160 characters, including spaces.  This meme is hosted by Monkey Man HERE . post your own on Sunday, and let us know!


  1. Diane

    Love and forgiveness is a soothing balm to our soul for healing and compassion. Beautiful 160.


  2. Come on Dianne - that ampersand's a 3 :) and as for the spaces - how countable are they?

    Have a lovely Sunday (105?)

    gwil (4?)

    Ach, Maths was never my thing !!!

  3. After assimilating the emotions, I saw the rhyming. Sad, there is hope too..

    Here is mine: plastering

  4. i like that it ends in hope....nice 160. mine will be up in a bit...

  5. Thanks for following, wow, I've neglected my comments in return, having a tough time.
    Gwilym, thanks I was tired when I finished. I kept the ampersand and added a "to"

  6. Dianne, tears can definitely be cathartic...and the process to love and healing is such a bittersweet journey.

  7. A rain of tears - clears the head.

    Well said.

  8. I don't usually check, but with Gwilyn's comment I had to check - 170 characters with spaces. Dang. Oh well, Great 170, Dianne. I appreciate you playing...that's for sure.

  9. with "to" it's different - makes it better

  10. Oh crap! you guys are right! I am so my wicked wicked Word Toolbar! It doesn't count ANY space if you start a new line!
    better job next week, I like this one as it is...
    THANK YOU Gwilyn, this is what MY blog is all about, getting feedback to read my work through others eyes and improve....
    honesty is my new goal, especially with myself.
    Love to you all, I will read yours tonight.

  11. ok, couldn't help myself, there is the revised one, not so lyrical though.
    Take it easy this week, spend time loving eachother instead of overdoing it.

  12. Nice to meet you! This is my first 160 Sunday. I really liked this, you got a rhythm and rhyme going seemingly effortlessly. Mine is here.

  13. This is why I don't play (hardly) any of these poetry memes. It becomes about the count or the prompt as opposed to the point communicated.

    I will say this revised or not this one in a small way hurt me Dianne because it has been so many decades since I have been able to cry that I see a desert soul. fully capable of forgiveness but dry.

    So either way and why ever...well done.

  14. Oh.. to the point, and a very well delivered 160!! When forgiveness is asked for, I guess it is granted too.. Rain (and time) sure heal..