Monday, December 20, 2010

Scrooge Finds Love on a Rooftop

give it all to charity,
all the stuff we hoard
behind windows
walls and doors!

give it all up
if it ain't
no more!

live without it!
but, need it, we think?
like a warm coat,
or a stiff drink,

even hugs, and talks
and some hot soup?
- trash it like ashes,
- like cat and dog poop!

but some lights pull you upward,
eyes lured like a fish
to a rooftop's lights
a target "X",... for a wish.

inside the house, mother
three children and dog,
who gave up to cancer
their dad and his love.

Don't give up on the light
don't tear up the cards
don't toss out the touch
don't hold back the words.


  1. yeah...this can be a tough time of year...esp with loss...dont give up on the magic of whristmas though...

  2. Di...?
    Christmas..Hope..Love..The Message!!
    Nicely written Oh Fabulous One!

  3. Give up as you can grief and keep the light as you can in love. For they are both the warmth and the cold necessary to get to the "X" where the wish comes to pass.

  4. Don't give up on the light!
    My wish for you! And you said it yourself!

  5. Dianne - great message
    agreed hold on to the things that matter

    hope you guys are staying above the water line
    I'm ordering a boat

    Have a Merry Christmas my dear :)

  6. It's a difficult time to suffer loss (not that the loss is ever any less at any other time of year, but it is especially hard now)...and I speak that from experience.

    Wishing you love and light, Dianne...

  7. The image appeared on a cold night walk, when I thought I was fed up with the struggle in my life. I passed a neighbor's house, who lost their dad two years ago, and the holiday lights were set on the flat roof in an "X"

  8. I really like that. So why do I want to burst in and change the last word on your penultimate line to 'couch'? It's a mystery. :)