Wednesday, October 6, 2010

55 flash fiction friday, what am I?

I resonate like a drum:
Thrum thrum, thrum thrum,
singing in stone cellars
to echo my abandon.

I satiate hunger in a tick of time:
for those seconds “we” become mine,
like a flash in a pan.

I warm like bellows on a coal
from a torch at the core:
into the chest, from the hand.

This is a flash fiction poem in exactly 55 words.  Meet the challenge by G-Man at Mr Knowitall HERE  , let him knowitall, and visit one other 55. Post on Friday, if you dare!


  1. oh man..too early to guess...gimme a bit to think on this one and will pop back....riddle me this...

  2. I resonate like a drum:
    Thrum thrum, thrum thrum

    wonderful, and also the line about satiating hunger, not easy to forget - life energy vibrating from each word to the picture and back, this is what i so love about what you do, this incredible vitality and rawness of life, such powerful honesty!

    i don't even need to know the answer! :-)

  3. Nice 55 - I like the pic, too!

    I think G-Man is gonna have to change the name to 55 Thursdays, since everybody is posting their stuff early.

    (I haven't even written mine yet!)

  4. In 55 words ---it's very powerful expression...

  5. Thanks Di...
    You are one Hot Tamale!
    Loved your 55...
    Thanks for playing, even so early.
    You Rock From Eureka to Encino..
    have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  6. I am terrible with riddles Di.
    I'm glad you too know the crazy antics of sons

    Thanks - ya gotta be loving the coast right now

    Moon Smiles

  7. I'd guess a fire. Fits in well with the arson on a book I'm reading right now.

  8. Heartful heat on this 55, Di. Niiiice.

  9. Gee, I don't know--maybe a heart (beat)? Good writing though, and maybe it is not supposed to be guessed what IS it....Thanks for '55' and also for visiting.

    Your question I responded on my comments, but just in case:

    Dianne...not really 'tech' stuff. Just a typewriter which gives the reader (deaf-blind guy) a braille symbol so he can have communication with a sighted Peep. OK?

    Couldn't do a lot of explaining in 55 WORDS!


  10. Lovely words. Whatever you wish us to guess, it is something like altering, like love.

  11. The most remarkable thing about flash fiction (my opinion!) is that there are people who can do it at all. Of those who can do it to this standard, I am in awe. (Ooops, I never use the word awe!)

  12. Really - I have no idea what the solution is here. The only idea I had was an old furnace down in the cellar having to be lit.

    Loved this whether I am a million miles off-base or not. :)

    Mine is up.

  13. hmmm - read it several times but still no clue...but i love the pic and your beautyful words to describe..whatever..

  14. monkey man knows, the heat of love,
    Quilly and Steveroni, the heart, the warmth in the chest..feeding a hunger,etc.
    Thanks for commenting, sometimes we write for others, and sometimes it's personal and metaphorical...
    Have a Kick Ass Weekend!

  15. How strange - I know I commented on this other day, but apparently it never actually showed up. I love love love the word thrum.

    This was lovely, Dianne!