Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunday 160, Look what the low pressure system blew in

clear horizon a day away

I want to be

where sky touches trees

the wind whips my face

the ground meets me

scrambling granite

shouldering pack

leaning back

into the sky

Photo: D. Gross.
This is a flash fiction poem in exactly 160 characters with spaces included, all I have time for by the way.
Visit our host for the Sunday 160, Monkey Man, HERE, write your own, post on Sunday, and let him know!  My doesn't that feel better?


  1. ah now that is where i want to be as well...great to go to the mountains...

  2. I can tell that your muse is back, and back all rested and raring to go. That is such a lovely poem. Now that I think about your comment on my post, I've decided that your muse just needn't you to pay some attention to her. There's a lesson for us all in that.

  3. I bet those are Aspens...
    Sweet Pic Fab Di...

  4. Ditto to Brian's comment when I read the first few words and spotted the photo, it brought an aha moment. lovely 160.


  5. I have to say I left you a comment on the FF55er the other day, and I see now it did not go through?

    I left a message for the S-160 I hope that shows up? Let me know it if doesn't and I will repost comments for both?


  6. I can think of other places I'd rather be but not many Di. Good one.

  7. Connecting with nature can be a spiritual experience!

    Great write! :)

  8. Beautiful setting aptly described. Thanks for playing.

  9. Beautiful photo and words. Great 160!

  10. it's lovely, i particular like how the vigorous style mirrors the mood of the picture, the energy and freshness of the body prepared to melt into and become a force of nature!

  11. Stunning view and through your words I can feel the wind*!*

  12. Gorgeous photo with words to match.

  13. Now that is quite a view. Glad you got to enjoy Di

    Moonie smiles

  14. A fine poem that strikes the right chord for everyone who reads it. I especially like the final lines: "shouldering pack/ leaning back/
    into the sky"...
    Cheers for you!

  15. I want to jump right into that photo and travel that day with you, Dianne! Hard to believe it would be a day away, but I can see the distance. My mind wants to do a single leap to that farthest peak immediately.

    Such a tremendously wonderful poem and photo to go with. Thank you.