Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wordless Weds. = Tuesday Toes

No poetry today, but a question.  Have you ever felt like you've had a second birthday?  A "rebirth" worthy of commemoration every new year?  I think mine is 10-10-10.  I have many reasons why, some too private to post here.  But here is a fun reason why:  I choose it as the start of the second half of my life, as a birthday of my own decision.  It has a logical reason for a landmark, it is 9 months exactly after my 50th birthday.  If we look at the average life expectancy for the year 2060, it might be 100 years of age!  (Whether that statistic is for those born that year, or of a certain population, I don't know.  I just looked at points on a graph and continued the graph another 15 years forward, and 10 years older.....) 

It is food for thought.  I am impressed with the 90-year-old women I meet today!  So, don't get me wrong, I don't want to live to be 100, just looking at the 2nd half of my existence with a new life....

What would be your second birthday?  Write about it.


  1. nice. i think the cat is saying the toes are in the way...smiles. a rebirth...cool that. i think mine came about 7 years ago when i gave up the corporate rat race...

  2. hehe and yes you are yahtzee...smiles.

  3. January 26th.

    The anniversary of my legal name change is more than a day, more than a date, better than a birthday.

  4. That's an easy one for me, 15th April. It's the date I became a Christian way back in 1993, and of course a re-birth of sorts!

  5. My second birthday would be around the time I enjoyed single life.. for sure

  6. Hi~ I already am in California! Sonoma County girl here!
    Naw, I dont need a second birthday!


  7. 50?
    I got SOCKS older than you.
    Plus Susie visits here?
    You got it going on Fab Di...

  8. i love to read about your feelings, second birth moment is such a thought provoking question, i am still pondering it for me. i have no clear answer, or perhaps only something which is too vague to be mentioned, but my stay of 3 years in Japan meant something like that for me...

  9. I don't know. But I can say that 10-10-10 is the date I submitted my first book for publication! Very liberating and exciting! A long road and wonderful too! Haven't went public with it yet but soon! So shhhhh....lol.

    10-10-10 is a great day! There's a LOT of meaning behind the number! Success is a big deal for 10-10-10! Much success to you in your second half!