Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sunday 160: Creektrash

Homeless mattress

two tire swings

strange glass bong

a Mexican Pepsi can


styrofoam saved from ocean gyre

sludge-filled baby bottle

a gnome


(My 3 teen boys participated in an annual community cleanup day, with the Boy Scout troop and the rest of the town.  This swing-set was still here, 4 years after our first cleanup day!  A bit of found poetry and found humanity.)

This is a flash non-fiction prose poem, written in exactly 160 characters, spaces included.  To meet the challenge hosted by Monkey Man, post on Sunday and let him know HERE



  2. nice. i have yet to even think about a 160...
    that is awesome that they did much junk out there...but you redeemed it a bit with your words...smiles.

  3. It's always heartbreaking how things just get tossed out anywhere and everywhere. It's an awesome thing to do the community clean-up, but I always wish we didn't have to have them.

  4. Good for your boys for taking part in the clean up. It's awful how careless people are with rubbish,

  5. At least there was one place on the planet that got a bit cleaner, there may yet be hope.

  6. You recycled the lot in your poem anyway - well done! Would be nice if people (myself included) would think before making the purchase, about what they're going to do with the swing-sets, etc, when they no longer want them...

  7. That's a lot of junk. Congrats to your boys for doing their part. Thanks for being a part of the Sunday 160.

  8. These type of clean up day --should be organise in every community....really good work.
    Best wishes.

  9. Haven't these people heard of the dump? How awful that they just dump trash anywhere, and how nice that you and the Boy Scouts cleaned up a bit of it.

  10. A sludge filled baby bottle leaves such a strong impression.

  11. This is so beautifully expressed. I live a block from the Truckee river and sadly, all too often we find similar things when we take the dogs along the river walk...and we have community clean ups, too. Why do people have to litter?

  12. Lovely poem & a worthy project and now a Gaia retreat ---- send your three amigos (sons) over to my house, I have lots of projects.


    thank you for the lovely comment-- lol - I have been called quirky,imaginative, romantic, sensual,passionate and eccentric , but yours is a new one, " funny twisted side." I love it -my favorite...Sweet.