Friday, October 29, 2010

55 to Enchanted Oak and Steveroni

Listen to your cries at night

Hold a candle to the light

Throw open every window in sight

Capture hatching thoughts in flight

Accept the wrongs you can’t make right

Arise today to win one fight

Aim higher than the imagined goal’s height

Release the demons guilt and spite

Face each addiction as a blight

This is a flash fiction poem in exactly 55 words.  Join us with our host Mr Knowitall HERE  Post on Friday, and visit one other 55!  This is a response to Enchanted Oak's intense and honest series this week HERE and Steveroni's farewell to blog land HERE


  1. I loved this! The rhythm was as awesome as the sentiments!

  2. Beautiful,,,,
    You have your writing hat on today girl.
    Excellent 55 My Friend.
    I commented on the previous post as well
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. nice...and i bet it makes her smile...

  4. My first thoughts were beautifully penned verse. Loved the way it flowed it took my breath away.

    Hats off indeed --hat's off to you and your divine poem --- a play off on g-man's comment.


  5. How really well-thought and well-written this '55' is! I might be tempted to tell you, "Oh we do not dedication words." Or something like that.

    But in reality, I don't believe we 'deserve' ANYTHING which we receive. From the beginning until now--and after, all is a gift. And you have given Chris and me a gift. And it is one we (am I speaking for her?--grin!) cherish, and will remember long after today or tomorrow...

    Thank you for those soothing words of healing wisdom. You are indeed inspired, Dianne.

    Thank you SO VERY much!
    Love and PEACE!
    Steve E

  6. I love that picture and I totally believe in throwing up every window in sight.

    And, yes, I got my 55 groove back on this week. Making the rounds on some familiar names. Thanks!