Monday, November 15, 2010

My seeds are flying.
Windy forces lift them high
to find fertile ground.

Sheilds and swords protect
in battle and hunting games.
Minds must find their own.

my two boys won art awards in a county-wide annual scholarship contest this weekend, you have seen some versions of their work,  another of the lake in snow won 1st place for all high schools in the county, it took time and effort and attention to help them pursue their goals, what a return!


  1. very cool..congrats to them...did they make that helmet?

  2. too cool - you should be proud!!!

    excited for ya

    waiting to see copies

  3. That is awesome news! Congrats to them both! (and to proud Mama too) :)

  4. Wonderful! Congratulations to them and to you all!