Thursday, November 4, 2010

Theme Thursday. love is rough

The ocean is rough today:
the wind blows sand from my hands through my heart.

Sea clashing, frothing the rocks, leaping into the air:
the sound continues as I move out of sight.

The wind brushes its fingers through silvery grasses:
a snare-drum song carries upward.

It transforms in the moaning of the bare cypress branches,
still in view of the sea.

Rocks rattle in a pocket against languid fingers,
after a sky-bleached day.

Once dried in the wind and sunlight,
a cotton towel rasps my steamy skin.

A rope swing tightens as it’s wound,
before dizzily spinning out.

Eyes spark to instant attention,
as if a finger or a foot pokes into the comfort zone.

A joy-juiced hug, rocks you over your feet
without knocking you to the ground.

Share a whisper of fear in a doorway,
Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

A touch of coarse hair raises
boar-bristling, blood-tingling life.

I sink my teeth into the source
of my hunger and my satisfaction

I like it rough, I’m finding out.

This is a reprint of a poem I wrote at the beach a while back.  I adjusted the first line and it fit for Theme Thursday's writing prompt HERE  , Megan provided the photo above. Visit her and the other writers of Theme Thursday and comment, PLEASE!


  1. This is breath taking poem.
    well done.
    the image is a vivid demonstration of your theme.

  2. smiles at your close...i dont mind it rough either...and i love to sit on the beach and listen...

  3. this is amazing! the sensations, the sounds, the smells, a sensory delight!

  4. This made me miss the ocean...painfully.

    Gorgeous writing.

  5. Nothing wrong with a little 'rough-stff' now and then. ;)

    Nice piece, Dianne!

  6. I've missed popping into peoples blog...and this is a sensory delight! Thanks for stopping by mine for a bit and the lovely sentiment! Right back atcha!

  7. this is so good and so YOU, i can recognize your style, your swift rhythm, your wildness, your bursts of energy in each line and syllable, definitely one of your finest... "i like it rough, i'm finding out" is a truly fabulous ending.

  8. This is deep and beautiful Dianne...just love your whole blog! :-)