Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wordless Weds. = Tuesday Toes

Leonardo knows, the smile Mona Lisa shows, and today's lack of prose, are due to Tuesday Toes!

This is my answer to wordless wednesday, to say a brief Hi and check in mid-week my fellow bloggers.  I am ok, not in any hospital (unless working) and not writing (unless on a new computer charting system - aack!)

I don't travel much, but started these photo shoots after college, to add humor and a foreground gage to scenic travel shots.  These lovely piggies are compliments of my college roommate, Anne G, taken from the Louvre last month!  Thank you, Anne. As Kim said in response, I bet the guards thought they'd seen it all until now!

Feel free to comment, or send your own shots of life in your shoes! Ha!


  1. I love the toes in the world's premier art museum. Glad you're not in the hospital too. I believe you are busy in the web of life, and I send a cheerful, loving hug.

  2. haha. the thought of her taking this in the louvre is priceless...nice pic

  3. enjoyed today's wit

    much love

  4. This is awesome Dianne....i love it...true art in motion! Thank you for all the kind words over at my blog! Hope you have a great Tuesday! :-)

  5. Glad all is well in your corner of the world. I love the toes waving at the Mona Lisa!

  6. As long as your friend hadn't just finished a forty mile walk wearing thick socks and hiking boots Mona still had that smile on her face.