Saturday, November 20, 2010

Poetry Bus: "Not yet"

Not yet, Yorick,

don't clean my bones,

someday, but not yet.

Someday, you may bury me
in rainbow socks
to feel our dance.

Burst bubbles
like a belly laugh
crests the surface of a lake.

Bounce a rib-bone
like heartbeats,
on a drumhead of goatskin.

Wind me 'round
with beads of amber
breasts to navel, warm as sun.

Store rain enough
to quench thirsty kisses
in desert glass of O'Keefe's sunsets.

My genes alive beyond
my life won't recall
nursing from my breasts,

sleeping in my crescent lap,
nor private words of lullabies
to quiet tearful nights.

Someday, they might
wash my flesh,
cold and heavy, but not yet.

They may dress my remains
in a tie-dyed tee,
and tomboy's cut-off jeans.

But for a princess
of the earth, please add a
crown of flowered wreaths.

They will smell my ashes
in the smoke,
heft my bones to rattle.

But I am cycling as
the full moon glows,
and the insistent, crisp wind blows,

as guitar notes strum,
as pen and paper hum.
I’m still saving my life,

not to lose it yet.
Not my bones, poor Yorick,
don't clean them yet!

Chris Alba, at Enchanted Oak HERE hosts this week's poetry bus.  Her prompt is:
Poems that address your existence on this earth. Good, bad, or indifferent, tell us something, anything, about your life here.
Poetry bus comes from blogger Totalfeckineejit

("Alas poor Yorick, I knew him, Horatio." a famous quote from Shakespeare's Hamlet, in which the subject of the play holds the skull of his nursery servant, jester, and castle clown in a graveyard at night.  In certain southern Mexican communities, and in Pomuch on the Yucatan peninsula, the bones of the ancestors are exhumed on the Day of the Dead, "Dia de los Muertos", cleaned, redressed with new clothing, fresh food and favored items, to be reburied again.)


  1. nice. i like the blend of ideas...knew that about the bones as well...not sure i would want mine cleaned as well...would have to start working at getting them dirt y all ovr agn

  2. Someday when I am done this way passing the waves may wash all memory of me and as the sand dries the wind may blow strong enough to blow that sand to the 360 compass points.

    Someday but not today!

  3. This is gorgeous. I love the cheeky play of today, O'Keefe sunsets, tye dyed tees, with the language of life and death older than any fashion. Goatskin drum, guitar strum, and gentle hum of pen and paper: love these too.


  4. I'm with Erin about this wonderful blend of the ancient tribal stuff and light-hearted rainbow socks and tie-dyed tees. I can see you, yon white bones dancing over the sand by the ocean, but not yet!

  5. Beautiful poem, loved lots about it. Too much to mention, although I really liked 'private words of lullabies'.

  6. I love this!! the energetic flow of it, great use of language!

  7. One that give off a strong whiff of the love of life!

  8. Wonderful work, Dianne! The others have said it before me, but this is a great blending of playfulness and seriousness (the image of washing your heavy body -- but not yet really struck me). I love the allusions to Hamlet and Georgia! The whole poem is weighty, worthy!

  9. What an interesting idea. Worrying visions. Have you tried reading this out loud?

  10. Your poem is overwhelming ... in the best way! It's rich and deep and fun - all at the same time.

  11. there is life to be lived. really a marvelous piece here.

    also wanted to thank you for the comment you just left at my place. that was a great perspective and spoke to me. much appreciated.

  12. The bones and the rainbow socks - that tickled me. Wonderful writing!

  13. some really evocative images here, I like the idea of being buried in rainbow socks, and also the belly laugh bubble burst - a pleasure to read

  14. That spoke to my present mood and circumstances wonderfully. I can't tell you how moved I was by it. Thanks.

  15. guitar notes strum,
    as pen and paper hum... love this..

  16. Hey Diane - Love the images here and the use of Yorick is excellent. That line about O'Keefe's sunsets jumps out. Really enjoyed this.


  17. What a terrific poem Diane, and how well you have kept the rhythms and images tight leading from one to the next! I will return to read it again.

  18. Loved the content and flow

    very purposeful bones - still
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Diane

    hugs from the Moon

    P.S. I dont know if any of us (ie. Brian Miller or myself) has ever invited you to post your poetry (Wednesday) at One Stop Poetry - I know people would love to read your work
    some people feel compelled to comment on all the poems but that is not necessary - share and read one or two.

    stop by - you are always welcome

    P.S.S dont you love it when the P.S. is longer than the text? LOL

  19. ...But for a princess
    of the earth, please add a
    crown of flowered wreaths...
    beautiful words so well crafted
    much love

  20. Not my bones, poor Yorick,
    don't clean them yet!

    these are the lines haunting me ever since i read this for the first time.