Wednesday, August 24, 2011

but if your heart flutters

But if only your heart became wings
transparently suspending the hummingbird,

but if only your heart became a moth
springing upon a chaotic meandering,

but if only your heart became eyelashes
tapping views into thoughts into view again,

but if only your heart became a leaf-
flag signaling autumn upon a twig,

but if only your heart became a candle flame
to strobe past visions of night,

but if only your heart became a bow
percussing trills to poetic strings,

but if only your heart became fingers
straining for increments of strength,

but if only your heart became a curtain
laced for the gazing wind,

but if your beat became only a flutter
we would hold it in our hands forever.

-for Robin, may your great heart beat strong.

DGG 8-24-11
photo: h.g. giese


  1. these really are some beautiful couplets...i will wave autumn on my twig...smiles.

  2. Be well Robin and get stronger soon.

  3. How uplifting, as in HG Giese's photo, to see the love of one strong heart reach out in support of another. Dianne, how appropriate your support is imaged as a nest, soft as the flesh of your limb that holds the nest, strong and supple as your healing hand, and warm as the blood of your heart bringing life to limb and hand, and as spoken here, your friend. Best wishes to Robin.

  4. This chant of invocation winds up like a spell. Powerful as a poem with its dreamlike imagery. And hopefully powerful as an invocation too.