Saturday, August 13, 2011

Serendipity in a paradox # 9

Give me a full moon:

New moon, fresh sky, meteors flash to the naked eye.

Crescent sickle, piercing slate, a hanging handle to galaxy's gate.

Dark-masked half-moons, denying hidden blues.

Gibbous waxing full and ripe, fruit of loin and rounding high.

Ah, the moon's full-faced and seasoned, alive and vivid with clarity and reason.

(The moon is full tonight, unfortunately blocking the meteor shower view with its light.  There is beauty in a night with no moon, the crescent can be startlingly sharp and star-catching, the half-moon can change it's face, the full moon lights the night world, but obscures the milky way.
   So, enjoy all the stages of moon-viewing.)  
Which moon moves you the most?  Why?


  1. nice...beautiful capture of the moon both in pic and in verse...the moon is certainly magical

  2. Ah, can't wait until Poet's Night Out, with treats and tales and hugs and regales.....(is that the wrong use of the verb?)

  3. Look to the Lady – small when begun,
    full at the half, small again at the end –
    phases that waxing and waning transcend,
    for Her crop’s not what’s grown
    though it is what’s been sown:
    She glory’s in doing, not what’s been done

    =  = = = = =

    while gone 
    from my sky

    the ink dark

    seas in me

    to their 
    greatest tides