Thursday, August 11, 2011

Serendipity in a paradox # 7.

What you get from assuming:

Like holding your breath
when you’re about to get wet

Like wanting a prize
you know you won’t get

Like scooting out backwards
from under a bed

Like straining your eyes
in a cave full of webs

Like slapping a face
with pain and regret

Like losing the memory
of someone you’ve met

May you recognize serendipity when it comes your way.


  1. assuming is NOT a good all...

  2. Like finding that chest of pirates gold, hidden for centuries
    while being marooned for years with no hope of discovery.

  3. I'm quite sure i've missed it often...(sigh)

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  5. An assumption may seem

    Like a comet from another world
    On its path through our universe

    Less wrong than incomplete, like the first
    Facet seen of a complex structure's

    Like a piece of truth's petticoat
    Even its wearer does't know has shown

    Reasonable and necessary to proceed
    Before all relevant facts are known