Monday, August 22, 2011

guess again

Hitch a hike
lift with praise
pick a penny
reap a raise

what am I?

Point the finger
judge the sucker
name the owner
be the mother

what am I?

Flip this member
from a pocket
the longer the better
this bird will say f...orget-it.

what am I?

slip the band
onto the fourth one of the hand
but make the world understand
you aren't owned by any man

what am I?

the fifth is the grip
if too loose, it spills lids
if painful it will slip
or get hooked on a lip

what am I?

Shaking a fist
busting meat to the bone
cracking knuckles in a scrape? open palm
can give
or own...

This is a photo of therapeutic silver rings, used to improve alignment and function and  prevent further deformity in fingers damaged by arthritis.  Look up: "Silver Ring Splints" online.


  1. love the recurring question, diane. asking it all the days of my life, it seems, with no sure answers (silly girl). but what hands might reveal! what we (society) too often demand hands to reveal. and what we are, fluttering away.

    (wondering how you are)


  2. interesting...had never seen these rings..pretty cool...nice little...i will give you a hand for this one...clap clap...smiles.

  3. What am I? That thing looks like a medieval torture device and a pain in the a-hand-ss all at once.

  4. I had no idea such devices existed. I am glad my only hand malady is trigger finger. At least that can be fixed although it does leave a nice set of railroad tracks on the palm.

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  6. Oh, good job gang! I am so excited you have read my piece, and Erin....I missed you. I am growing, painfully and with exiliration.

    The what am I is repeated because of the digit with each stanza: Thumb, index, middle, ring, pinky.
    Thanks again.

  7. Thank you for sharing this - giving us another look at your art and your work. The picture is a view into a world I've never known. Much appreciated, in all the ways that can be taken.