Friday, August 12, 2011

serendipity in a paradox 8.

From above
is a sentinel's sight

from within
it's burning bright,

from the wind
driving arrow-like

to the heart
diving fast as light

to embrace
talon tight,

grounding spirals
landing upright

a supportive friend
with a falcon's might.

This was a California Red Tail Hawk, the largest local predatory bird.  On the coastline, the Peregrine falcon is it's counterpart.  This juvenile hawk tried to fly in the window at my clinic.  He spent the following hour sitting outside, stunned by the window glass.  He kept a close eye on us, but didn't retreat when we came up to him.  He just watched us move behind the glass, baffled. (eventually he flew away)


  1. What jaw-droppingly beautiful, heart-rendingly joyous images, verbal, pictorial, and induced, with which to start one's day! All your fans hope your days are as propitious as you have made this one for them. Blessed Be, Dear Dianne!

  2. A hodge-podge of belated, disorganized thoughts on paradox #6:

    This must depend on role and context:

       > No mother would eat before feeding her child. 

       > "Should the cabin become depressurized, oxygen masks will appear. Be sure to secure your own mask before assisting a child with their oxygen mask."

       > No teacher, coach, or mentor who hasn't internalized the art or science practiced can well serve the student.

       > Only a fool (worse, an old fool) would ask more of one than one has to give -- but then, if PT Barnum was anywhere near right, such requests are probably more frequent than we realize.

    It has been said we need stories as much as we need food and water; we need to tell our stories every bit as much; and we hunger for an intimacy within which to tell our intimate stories.

    Some hungers, acute or intense, are of trivial consequence and easily satisfied: 
    Once after weeks in a foreign land with nothing but strange food and drink, at the end of a long flight and wait to clear customs -- even though I usually give an enthusiastic pass to airport food -- I made a bee line to the airport restaurant and, without even looking at the menu, asked the waitress for "a cheese burger and the biggest chocolate milkshake you've got."

    Some hungers, though not readily visible, may represent a chronic shortage of some  nutrient vital for long term health -- like calcium, which missing, weakens bones, or vitamin C, which missing, leads to scurvy.

    As much fun as is cooking far another, more fun is cooking together for each other.

  3. I'm proud you're my friend. Those last two lines sort of took my breath away.

  4. Whew, Shakespeare returns! What magic is afoot?