Tuesday, August 9, 2011

serendipity in a paradox 6.

Only after one's fed,

satiated enough

to be free of

the cavernous


can one think about

feeding another, and

preparing the next meal.

What makes you feel satiated?


  1. Funny, that. My experience of hunger is that I really, really enjoy whatever I'm eating when I'm realy, really hungry, like a piece of white bread with margarine in jail once...
    As for love, I would guess that if you're enormously hungry for love, we'd probably be talking about GETTING love, not hungry to give it, which tends to make people very self-centered, a state not conducive to loving acts. So yes, you would probably be better at loving others if you had some love inside yourself, taking the edge off, so to speak. It could be self-love, or spiritual love, just enough of it so that you're not running around like a tornado looking for stuff to suck up into yourself. Anyway, enough of this. I'm on deadline tonight. Have a good loved week.

  2. One time I was in the hospital for 11 days with an intentinal blockage, I had a tube snaked down my nose to my stomach. after having nothing but ice cubes, The Dr. let me have 3 red popsickles...
    It was the best thing that I ever had in my life!!