Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friday Flash Fiction 55

Will a candle in the darkness
illuminate and set me free?

The light of half-truth is painless.
But a half-yin is merely yang-less.

Once you shared a secret with me,
I showed you my dark side
hidden from family.

Read all the pages
of the chapter I left unturned:

yin and yang,
illuminated or burned.


  1. "But a half-yin is merely yang-less."

    This will stay with me long after blogs become antiquities. Wow. This line, these words... just WOW.

    Mine is a juicy combo-pack this week- it is here and also, just because I couldn’t stop myself… also, here.

  2. Everyone has a dark side they say!

  3. Wow, I love this, as two people share their hidden sides with each other. I like how unconditional love is strong enough to handle the truth and keep on loving.

    My 55 is Sackcloths of Despair

  4. very nice...we all carry those shadows...some nice phrases in those 55 words as well.

    mine is up!

  5. There's more to you than Haiku's Di...
    This ROCKED!!
    Please don't wait so long between Flash's, this was fantastic.
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  6. I thought for sure a half yin would turn out to be a very small amount of money.

  7. Awesome 55, Dianne! Beautifully illuminating!

  8. In darkness shall light come and in light will shine darkness. For in love must be failings, for in failure is love. My story is here

  9. How can a living thing be without half of its life? Simply because the chapters remain unread doesn't make the book less complete.

  10. a half yin is merely yangless...that's a great line!

    Mine is posted HERE. As always, scroll down below my Friday Show n Tell to find my 55.

    Have a great holiday weekend.

  11. Gotta respect the ying and the yang,

    Have a great weekend

    My 55 is up

  12. This is a great, 55! I love the imagery of "illuminated or burned."

    My 55 is here in case you'd like to read.

  13. I love the phrasing. Really excellent.

  14. I loved the rhyme, it made it enjoyable, and then after a re-read, meaningful.It had layers (good cake layers)

  15. "Once you shared a secret with me,"
    it happens, and i could never be sorry for sharing - out of love, compassion, friendship, encouragement, gentleness, kindness...

  16. The lines here resonate with me for so many reasons. I have a ying for my yang. It makes a huge difference. Sorry I have been a stranger. Life got the best of me. I'll try to be around more!

    I’m up right HERE

  17. Deep sentiments. Great 55. My 55 is HERE.

  18. "But a half-yin is merely yang-less." That is a great line! It describes so many relationships.

    My entry is here.

  19. Very thought provoking. Reading all the pages, illuminated or burned.

  20. I can relate to the sentiments.